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April 24, 2023

Episode 106 - Adventurer, World Traveler, & Author, Pamdiana Jones

Episode 106 - Adventurer, World Traveler, & Author, Pamdiana Jones
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Pamdiana has the most wonderful adventure book on Amazon called:
 When in Roam. This book highlights her trip to Africa for a 3-mth backpacking journey in the 1990's. But instead of going back home, she decides to continue on with her travels around the world--going SOLO--for years.

She backpacks through South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, all throughout Indonesia, Australia & New Zealand.  Her intriguing story tells in detail about some dangerous situations, encountering wild animals, the wrath of mother nature, and chance encounters. I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Pamdiana, and look forward to her coming on the show again!  Listen now on your favorite podcast directory. 

To learn more, check out her website: https://www.pamdianajones.com

If your feeling lead, you can Buy Me A Coffee on  http://www.ajuicypearpodcast.com

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Pamdiana Jones

When in ROAM

Adventurer, world traveler, author, married my high school sweetie after 16 years apart, mother to 11 year old boy/girl twins and a fuzzy yellow lab!