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Good interviews

I enjoy hearing the paranormal and scary stories. Great interviews with people on a variety of topics.

Engaging and Unique— Always Interesting

I love the diversity of guests on the show— I feel like I always learn new things, hear new stories, and get to consider different opinions and experiences. Love this!

What a great pod!

So many great topics and ideas here. Thank you!


SUCH a fun podcast!!!!

Good vibes

Good vibes is what it says right on the logo. And that is what you get. With each episode, you never know who you are going to get as a guest or where the questions are going to take you. Join the ride.

An amazing experience!

Wendy has amazing content and has a way of gently guiding the conversation and providing insights that helps the listener understandon a deeper level and also helps the guest deepen the conversation!

Binge-worthy for creative minds!

Love the Juicy Pear Podcast. It’s like a go-to for all things creative. Love a paranormal story, and after listening to Wendy interview Melissa Sercia (Episode 88), I have a few new books on my TBR. Also as a fan of country music, I enjoyed listening to the Jesse Cline interview (Episode 78). He has a fun surprise at the end of the interview. Listen and see. Bingeable podcast! Thanks, Amy from Prosecco N Prose.


Loving this podcast, with the amazing guests, paranormal or not, there’s always something for every listener! And, Wendy the host, legit asks the best questions!


Wendy is probably going to be right up there in the Joe Rogan podcasters group. Very impressed with her style, professionalism and keeping it light.

Juicy 🍐

I love how all the interviews and topics just flow. There’s never a dull moment with Wendy!

Interview with a Jessie Cline

I love listening to A Juicy Pear Podcast! Wendy is so easy and relatable to listen to. I always enjoy her humor and her stories and the way she approaches/engages topics and conversations with her guests. The interview with Jessie Cline was great! Highly recommend!

Fun, Fresh, Sassy and Straight-Forward~

This is exactly the ingredients for a good podcast! Great host, great topics, and great guests! Keep up all the GREAT work Wendy!!!!


Wendy has a beautifully unique way of interacting with all of her extremely fascinating guests. She gets them talking in a way that makes it seem as though you are listening to a conversation between old friends. One of my favorite things about A Juicy Pear Podcast is Wendy's guests have vastly diverse backgrounds - you never know who she is going to interview next. It keeps it exciting from week to week! Way to go, Wendy!


Great content! Super insightful! Thank you so much.

Fun show!

What a great podcast! I love listening to all these different mothers and their journey’s. Thanks for creating this podcast! Bri

Fun listen

Fun listening this podcast… you can tell the host enjoys what she does… be sure to check this podcast out!


Wendy produces a unique show and has some interesting guests. Listened to the paranormal christianity episode, fun feel and diverse ideas abound. Would listen again. 10/10

Great show!!

Would highly recommend!

Amazing content!

Wendy is such a great host and has so many interesting topics in her show. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to broaden their spiritual horizons!

Out of this World

This is a great podcast for exploring the unseen things that happen in the world of mysteries and Sixth Senses we all live within and need to understand better.

5 Stars

Really cool show. The host is doing some really incredible work. Keep it up!!

Great banter!

Wonderful pod!

Totally Awesome

Awesome is the word of the day after listening to your podcast. I run my own podcast, Ghosts In The Valley, and I know what it takes to put a descent show together. Wendy and Shawn do an awesome job playing off each other and at the same time, putting out fantastic episodes one after another. 5 star rating for sure.


Wendy is awesome and the podcast is so much fun I love Shawn too

Two chicks, one great podcast!

The vibe Wendy and Shawn have with one another is so fun! And their conversations are organic and interesting! Yep, I’ve found my new binge! “Because I Wanna Know” podcast