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May 22, 2023

Episode 110 - Author & Former Cult Member, Peter Young

Episode 110 - Author & Former Cult Member, Peter Young
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A story teller first and foremost, Peter is the author of two books; the Amazon best seller, Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger, which tells the story of his escape from a tiny religious cult, and The Blue Team, his novel about faith and basketball.

You never know you are in a cult.
You only know you were in a cult.

Prior to his writing career, Peter was a sports broadcaster for over 20 years telling the stories of great athletes all over the world, while working for CBS, ESPN, OLN, and other networks. He also has spoken publicly about the principles in his books here at home as well as in several foreign countries.

Thank you Peter for coming on the show and sharing your fascinating story!

Learn more about Peter and his books at:authorpeteryoung.com 

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