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March 15, 2021

Episode 15 - An Interview with author, John Nicholas Cassel

Episode 15 - An Interview with author, John Nicholas Cassel
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John's book, John Fifteen Thirteen has gotten over 100 reviews on Amazon, and let me tell you they are 5-star. His book is a fascinating account of his experiences as a police officer, as well as a security contractor overseas. I found his book hard to put down, and you will too.  We chat about camel spiders, pit viper snakes, scorpions, and sheepdogs of all things.  We also banter a little bit about my book, 'A Grey Resort'.

John is a great person to interview, and I highly recommend his book!
Available on Amazon, B&N, anywhere you can buy books really.

YouTube:  https://youtube.com/channel/UCMbB8dlf246b1r6Ie1zdQwA 
 Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/u/JohnFifteenThirteen?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/John-Nicholas-Cassel/e/B07SSBMRTL?ref_=pe_1724030_132998060

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