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May 3, 2021

Episode 21 - An Interview with Pop & Jazz Musician, Aubrey Logan

Episode 21 - An Interview with Pop & Jazz Musician, Aubrey Logan
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Aubrey Logan is an American Pop & Jazz singer, and trombone soloist. Logan won the Audience's Choice Award and the Jury's First Place Award at the 2009 Shure-Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, she was also an American Idol Contestant who won a golden ticket, also in 2009.  We had so much fun chatting with Aubrey!

With a number one album, "Where the Sunshine is Expensive' already under her belt, Aubrey returns to the spotlight with her follow up collection, "Standard."

Aubrey continues to headline sold-out shows and festivals. She continues to wow the crowds at symphony dates all over the world

 Aubrey will be having a livestream access show called:  Standard, on May 20th.  Learn more about Aubrey and where you can buy tickets to her upcoming show at  http://www.aubreylogan.com

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