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Sept. 13, 2021

Episode 38 - Grief & Trauma Specialist, Kim Wilkinson

Episode 38 - Grief & Trauma Specialist, Kim Wilkinson
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Kim is the Founder, Coach and Facilitator of Empowered Life. She specializes in Trauma and Grief Recovery and has a passion for helping people move from suffering to empowerment.

Kim found her passion and purpose through her own journey of healing trauma and loss. The experience of losing her 22 yr. old son to overdose in 2019 after years of Mental Health and Addiction concerns, was her greatest struggle and greatest gift.

Kim is one of the authors of the popular anthology book - 'Thriving Beyond Crises: Conversations with Resilient Entrepreneurs' this ebook has just been released in August of 2021, and has already made top seller status in several categories on Amazon.

You can find a full list of programs and services on the Empowered LIfe Website:

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