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Oct. 4, 2021

Episode 40 - Documentary Filmmaker, Host, Model, & Actress~ Wendy Stuart

Episode 40 - Documentary Filmmaker, Host, Model, & Actress~ Wendy Stuart
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Wendy Stuart has done everything from penning her fabulous book,' Last Model Standing' to directing an African documentary.  She is a Model, Actress, Author, Host,  and advocate for the LGBTQ community. She also co-hosts the popular weekly podcast show~ If These Walls Could Talk. 

We talked about her modeling days, her run-ins with icons at Studio 54, and her adventures abroad in filmmaking. It was such a pleasure having her on the show, and we had an instant bond as soon as we started chatting together! Check out our fun interview on A Juicy Pear Podcast.

Learn more about Wendy onwendystuarttv.com

Her book is an addictive page turner of her first-hand account with the fashion industry in NYC!  Get it here~ Last Model Standing

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Wendy Stuart KaplanProfile Photo

Wendy Stuart Kaplan

Actress/Comedian/Podcast Host/Model

Wendy Stuart Kaplan is an actress, comedian, on camera host, and model. She feels deep down in her past life, she was a famous explorer because she has spent this life recreating that quest for adventure. Wendy is known for her quirky sensibility, and off beat interpretation of characters that have gotten her cast in film, TV, and theatre. She believes that a successful performer must draw from their own life experience. Whether bantering with Katy Couric as an antique collector, playing a frustrated casting director for an AT&T industrial, or exploring the secrets of The Woolworth Building on Time Traveling With Brian Unger, Wendy Stuart Kaplan brings a signature flare to everything she does.

With a combination of studying anthropology and theatre initiated a dramatic life change, lead Wendy to a village in Nigeria to study voodoo. The locals called her "Oyebo", which means the white skin around a peeled orange. Her passion for the unusual has also taken her to the Amazon where her adventures included interviewing a tapir, eating reeds with the Amayra Indians in Lake Titicaca in Peru, and dancing with the Kuna Indians in the San Blas Islands.

Fit Model Extraordinaire Wendy is known in the fashion industry as an expert fit model and consultant working with major brands such as; Eileen Fischer, Nina McLemore, and Michael Kors Outerwear as a standard for size 8 clothing.

Model With A Mission is a series of videos she's created, interviewing an international group of everyday people and experts, who are protecting endangered species, and cultures from environmental impact.

Wendy's published memoir "She's The Last Model Standing" is a hilarious, occasionally poignant story of coming to New York City with dreams of becoming a supermodel, and ending up becoming one of the most sought after fit models in the industry. Wendy is known for her quick wit. When asked about what it takes to be a fir model she quickly retorted, "I cover the asses of the masses". Her path along the way was often rocky, but led to meeting Andy Warhol, shooting with Francesco Scavullo, and starring so far off Broadway that she felt she was almost in the Hudson River.

NYC is home, shared with a long haired chihuahua, a cockatoo, two English Angoras, a husband and a daughter. All the animals roam freely ... just like Wendy Kaplan Stuart