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Nov. 1, 2021

Episode 44 - Country Singer & Songwriter - Kyle Jennings

Episode 44 - Country Singer & Songwriter - Kyle Jennings
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Kyle sits down with us at A Juicy Pear and we discuss everything about how country music inspired his life,  the creative writing process, his hockey career, and the steps he took which led him to become the country music artist that he is today.  His soulful, engaging, & charismatic performances have resonated with people from all over, young and old. 

In 2005, Jennings songwriting was recognized worldwide when is solo-penned 'Can I Run in the Dark & Still Walk in the Light' was selected as a finalist in the Country category of the International Songwriting competition which typically receives 15,000+ entries a year.

Primarily recognized as a country artist, Jennings music is quite diverse. His infusion of blues, folk, rock & country have provided him a broad spectrum musical platform and his small town stories & affection for the American way of life has become signature in his work. 

While listening to a Merle Haggard record, we chatted about how he learned to play the guitar (self-taught), being in Nashville, and had a bittersweet discussion on how much his father shaped him into the person he is today.  He's so fun and engaging to talk to, we could have chatted with him all day!

 Please check out his new album: 'Old-Fashioned' available now on Kyle Jennings Music.  Or wherever you get your music these days.

Keep up to date on tour dates and what he's doing on,  Instagram: @kylejennings13
Website:  http://kylejenningsmusic.com

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