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Dec. 12, 2021

Episode 50 - Founder & CEO of - A Story Club - Arun Bhagwati

Episode 50 - Founder & CEO of - A Story Club - Arun Bhagwati
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Arun is an author, entrepreneur, producer, and a die hard storyteller with 20+ years of work experience across industries and cultures.  Arun was born in New Delhi, and raised in Northeast India, and then came to Dehradun where he completed his school education. He worked for various organizations across India.  Raised in an army home, he has travelled the full length of the country, and this exposure helped him learn 4 languages including Nepali and he understands 4 other regional languages. His work experiences of life and surroundings gave him the inspiration for his mythological fiction book, 'The Guardians of Shambhala.

In 2019, Arun started a unique venture in partnership with Shivani Dalal called, 'A Story Club Network'. This is a wonderful collection of authors, entrepreneurs, and creatives from all around the world that share their stories.

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FB page: @guardiansofshambhala
Instagram: @arunbhagwati

Purchase his book:  Guardians of Shambhala

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