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Jan. 17, 2022

Episode 54 - Actress- Shanna Toft

Episode 54 - Actress- Shanna Toft
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Shanna Toft grew up in the Austin, Texas area and participated in theater, choir, and dance all through her school age years.  She added modeling in her early years and her modeling debut was as a live Barbie for Mattel.  Shanna has been on many movie sets, and it was fun chatting with her about all her onset experiences in the movie industry.

 She just wrapped shooting for the popular, 1883 tv series, and is currently involved with a couple different big projects in the future.  She was a delight to chat with, and I'm so glad she stopped by A Juicy Pear Podcast!

Learn more about Shanna on IMDB - Shanna Toft

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