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Feb. 21, 2022

Episode 59 - CANX for Maintenance Crew

Episode 59 - CANX for Maintenance Crew
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The guys from the podcast, CANX for Maintenance come join my show as they talk about the behind the scenes look at the gritty, and less than glamorous life of the aircraft maintainer.

 I had such a great time talking with these guys, and learning about their job maintaining all kinds of aircraft.  I also love supporting fellow veterans!

To learn more, see below. 

Instagram: Cancelled for Maintenance
Facebook:  Cancelled for Maintenance
Visit their website:  cancelled formaintenance.com

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MBP (Man Bear Pig)

Host / Creator / Author

You can say aviation has been in MBP’s blood since day
one. Hailing from Ohio, the birthplace of aviation, the Man-Bear-Pig found himself travelling all around the industry and countries abroad, becoming skilled in all forms of aviation from corporate jets to space flight systems. Constantly sought for his advice, quick decision making, and his ability to lighten up any room, MBP has helped many technicians through some hard situations and even harder laughs. MBP continues to work as a quality assurance manager/subject matter expert and an aviation mentor.


Host / Creator / Author

Six began his aviation career in the US Marine Corps. A H-1 mechanic and Quality Assurance specialist by trade, Six has held multiple positions with increasing authority within the Marine aviation and Air-Ground task force communities. Six continues to work as an aircraft maintenance manager, a flight inspector, and a quality assurance professional.