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Feb. 28, 2022

Episode 60 - Writer, Singer-Songwriter, & Actor - Raven Stone

Episode 60 - Writer, Singer-Songwriter, & Actor - Raven Stone
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Raven is a Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and Content Creator. His very first album, 'Somewhere in Time" just dropped not too long ago, and is available on Spotify, itunes, Apple Music,  wherever you get your music these days.

His music has a wonderful, folksy, and heartfelt vibe. My favorite song is 'Find Me A Man'. When I first heard it, I think I must have played it a dozen times in a row, I just love it.

We talked all about his creative pursuits, including a future book that is in the works, and his impressive following on social media.  He is very active on TikTok, where  he does frequent, spot-on, movie commentary and skits.  I had so much fun chatting with Raven on the show, we dished all about pop-culture, current shows, and various actors and actresses.  He is entertaining, fun, and just a delight to have on. I can't wait to have him on A Juicy Pear Podcast again!
To learn more about Raven, check out his website: Mr. Stone Author

TikTok -Mrstoneauthor

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