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Oct. 10, 2022

Episode 83 - Podcasters & Ghost Hunters - Paranormally Blonde

Episode 83 - Podcasters & Ghost Hunters - Paranormally Blonde
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Sara is co-founder, along side her two sisters of VP Paranormal.  Together they have been exploring, investigating and researching different aspects of the paranormal, for over 23 years.  Popular locations, cemeteries, roads and personal homes are on their resume of work in the paranormal.  

Outside of her paranormal team, Sara has been a cohost of a paranormal talk show for two years.  Sara not only has grown her passion for the theories in paranormal, but also in the psychology and sociology of those that participate in the genre.  

Deedee became interested in the paranormal after living in a house with unexplained occurrences in her 20's. This opened the door to paranormal investigations and research as well as the love for hearing others experiences and helping them figure out what is going on paranormal or otherwise.

Deedee has been a Host and Co-Host for paranormal shows and podcasts since 2015. She has appeared on Vice, Side Hustles where she talks about haunted dolls and picks one to take home. In case you didn’t know, Deedee has a bit of an obsession and history with collecting haunted dolls and objects. Deedee and her dolls were interviewed for a Washington Post segment because of her haunted collection.

To learn more, check out: Paranormally Blonde

I had so much fun chatting with Paranormally Blonde on my podcast, I can't wait to have them on again! 

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Deedee & Sara of Paranormally Blonde

Paranormally Blonde Show

The Paranormal is about seeking the unknown and making potentially life changing discoveries.

Sara & Deedee of Paranormally Blonde are dedicated to showcasing the amazing people that make discoveries within the paranormal community. They also host round table discussions with thought provoking topics.