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Craig Randall


A writer/poet who focuses on topics of mental health. The Northwest Trilogy follows Charlie as he hopes to build a life away from the pain of his past. Things don't quite go his way and he has to decide whether he even believes he can heal. Past One, The Doom that Came to Astoria is out now. Part Two, The Dreams in the Pearl House releases Oct. 21st, 2022. Part 3 is in the revision stage!

The first of three poetry collections is out now too, To Chase the Sun, with it's follow up, Among the Wildflowers set to release on the first day of Spring 2023--another to follow. All three chart my own journey to healing after a large mental crash. Check them!

Episode 80 - Writer & Poet, Craig Randall
Sept. 19, 2022

Episode 80 - Writer & Poet, Craig Randall

Craig is a writer and poet that focuses on the topic of mental health. His first book, "The Doom that Came to Astoria' is part of his Northwest Trilogy series. The book follows his character, Charlie, as he hopes to …

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